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October 22nd

Clarification in relation to Cycling Australia insurance coverage for clubs and state bodies in NSW and WA

A number of questions have been raised in relation to insurance coverage for clubs and state bodies in NSW and Western Australia following the 1 November start of AusCycling, given that Cycling NSW and WestCycle are not joining AusCycling on that date.
AusCycling is in the process of consolidating the three legacy insurance policies of Cycling Australia, BMX Australia and Mountain Bike Australia into one policy.  Practical dates for this to occur are 1 November, 1 December or 1 January.  At this stage, the most likely and preferred date for this to occur is 1 December as that is the expiry date of the policies for BMX Australia and Mountain Bike Australia.  We can confirm that it will not happen on 1 November.
If this occurs as expected, AusCycling would cancel the remaining month of the existing Cycling Australia policy and seek a refund.  Therefore, clubs and state bodies currently affiliated with Cycling Australia will have insurance at least until 30 November 2020.  Beyond this date, we recommend that clubs should affiliate with AusCycling to ensure that they have insurance cover as clubs in NSW and WA who do not affiliate with AusCycling will not have insurance cover from ycling Australia or AusCycling after 30 November 2020.
For the avoidance of doubt, none of the above impacts insurance cover for individual members.  All Cycling Australia memberships, regardless of the state or territory of the holder, will become AusCycling memberships on 1 November and retain access to insurance coverage and the other benefits afforded by AusCycling for the remainder of the membership period of each member.

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Member FAQs

Will my existing membership carry over?

All current BMX Australia, Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia memberships (as at 1 November 2020) will automatically transfer over into AusCycling. If you are a current member of any of these organisations (including a member in a “No” state) you don’t need to do anything. You will be entitled to the benefits of AusCycling and be covered by insurance.

From 1 November, all current BMX Australia and Mountain Bike Australia race members will be able to participate in BMX (Race and Freestyle), MTB and Cyclo-Cross event disciplines. These three disciplines are now defined as an ‘Off-Road’ category of race memberships. Upon expiry of their membership, members will be invited to renew their membership under the “Off Road” AusCycling membership option.

From 1 November, most existing Cycling Australia members will be able to participate in all cycling event disciplines. This means a current Cycling Australia membership will allow you to participate in a BMX (Race and Freestyle), Mountain Bike, Cyclo-Cross, Road or Track event. The extended participation benefits for existing Cycling Australia members is simply a recognition of the historical cost of these memberships. Upon expiry of their membership, members will be directed to renew their membership to the “All-Discipline” AusCycling membership option.