Online and Social Media Code of Conduct


Southern Highlands Cycling Club (SHCC) seeks be an exciting and inclusive organisation which supports the local community in all things cycling related.

In order to achieve this we use a variety of online and social media platforms in order to make our presence known and support our riders & their aspirations to the wider world.

Doing so means that we need to behave in a certain way and expect that all participants of our online presence do the same.

First and foremost, SHCC is:

  • A Family Friendly organisation
  • An organisation which fosters Junior development as much as possible
  • A believer that Cycling is an activity which everyone can experience
  • Competition which is always conducted in a Respectful & Safe manner
  • Strongly against any Bullying or Intimidation of any kind in any place
  • A Welcoming Community of like minded individuals

When it comes to this code, keep the above in mind.


The scope of this code of conduct applies to:

  • Any content which is located on any domain / subdomain of (meaning our public website)
  • Any email communications which originate from
  • Any comment, post, event, photo, share or interaction with the Facebook Group:
  • Any user, be they a financial member of the Southern Highlands Cycling Club (and therefore MTBA or CA) or not

Breaches of the Code

Sadly if you breach the code of conduct:


  • For a minor breach your posts or interaction will be deleted without any warning or followup comment
  • For repeated minor breaches you will be kicked / deleted from contributing further to the online presence / discussion
  • For a major breach or when serious complaints have been made regarding your behaviour we’ll do both of the above & also probably contact the police if appropriate.
    If you happen to be an SHCC financial member then we’ll probably also engage CA / CNSW to have your club license terminated too

Code of Conduct

Bullying, Intimidation or Offensive Behaviour

This sort of behaviour is not permitted or welcome.


Unless an organisation is directly sponsoring the entire club or an event which SHCC is hosting, said sponsor should not be mentioned, tagged, linked, hastagged, or shared within our discussions.

While we understand that individual riders / teams may have their own sponsors & obligations to them, we unfortunately can’t undermine the relationship that our club has with our paying sponsors, so please refrain from such activity.


Advertising of any kind is not permitted

Buy and Sell

There are plenty of Facebook Groups and Commercial Advertisers which specialise in such things, please do not post Buy and Sell


Our Calendars and Events are primarily for things which are happening in our area which are being put on by the Club or members of the Club engaging in Social Activities which might be of interest to everyone.

We support other clubs in the Southern Division area (Illawarra, Canberra, Snowy Mountains etc.) sharing their events with us so that our membership is aware of them, provided that they have contacted first to seek permission.

Outside of this please refrain from sharing events into our discussion.

Questions or Comments

SHCC welcomes feedback of any kind.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback then please sent an email to