Why Join?

Firstly why join?JoinUs

In my case I hadn’t ridden a bike in some 20 years, but after getting bikes for the kids realised that it wasn’t going to be possible to keep up with them any longer unless I also had one of my own.

When I discovered that there was a Camp Quality 5hr MTB ride at Fitzroy Falls and I got the crazy notion that it’d be a great idea to enter, I mean why not? With only 1 month of time to be ready what could go possibly wrong, right?

That dose of nervous energy & exhilaration you feel from a big event just can’t be matched & is incredibly addictive.

It was all the motivation I needed to seek it out over & over.

Membership gives more than thrills though, Cycling Australia / Club Membership offers:

  • Third party property damage & personal injury
  • Income protection in the case of injury
  • Non-Medicare expenses
  • Access to bike insurance
  • Access to travel insurance
  • Access to club, state, national events & racing

How to Join

Day Licenses (Racing)

If you’re not sure about whether Racing (in particular) is for you or you’d like to do a one off event then you can always obtain a Single or Three day Race or Ride membership which allows you to participate in “Affiliated Club and Promoter Events”.

This type of membership is supported by SHCC for our racing events all year round.

We suggest the following process in order to get the most value out of the license & subsequent experience:

  • Get in contact with our Handicapper either with a Facebook message or direct Email
    With this we’ll have a chat about any previous racing experience & what your current fitness level may be in order to support your grading appropriately (for reference the Grading policy from Cycling NSW is here)
  • Checkout & then ride the course to ensure that you are familiar with it & it’s challenges (see out Maps section)
  • Set a realistic goal for how you want to perform, such as:Stay with your group until this point
    • Try to beat your current Personal Best on a certain climb
    • Or; just have a good time!
  • Mandatory: Sign up for a Cycling Australia Day Membership (
  • Bring some cash for race entry fees (this is in addition to the membership & is used to both support the club & provide some winning incentive)
  • Give yourself enough time to sign-on, warm up & have a chat with other club members
    In Winter races sign-on from ~ 13:30 for a 14:00 start
    In Summer we sign-on from ~ 17:30 for an 18:00 start
  • Have fun & try to stay relaxed!

Mountain Bike Australia Membership (for MTB)

MTBA handle all memberships which are specific to Mountain Bike & Cyclocross separately from Cycling Australia.

In all cases checkout for more information

Cycling Australia Membership (for Road)

Cycling Australia offers a wide range of memberships in order to cater for the different roles which you might play within a club.

In all cases check out for more information.

Membership Notes

  • Memberships are calendar year (1st Jan to 31st Dec)
  • Pricing differs depending on rider age
  • There are discounts for family memberships

If you are thinking of joining it’s highly recommended that you start at the beginning of either the Winter or Summer Racing seasons in order to get some sort of continuity & track your progress throughout the entire series.

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